At UBT Digital we don’t just build websites. We build engaging, effective websites that will generate real results for your business. We create websites that are well designed, have function, and rich visual content. We take the time to listen to you, find out about your business in order to understand your goals and overall objectives.

For us, creative is central alongside sound functionality, content and strategy. With a trained eye for establishing and maintaining brand integrity, we deliver visual clarity with all our projects, with design that’s both appealing and functional. MRD website designs are professionally structured, aesthetically attractive and extremely user friendly.


One of the first tasks we undertake before every website development is the development of a sitemap, which is a website’s structure. We hunt and gather all available material about a business before methodically mapping it all into a story reflected in the menus and navigation structure in order to accurately represent a company’s identity.


Great content is authentic, well considered and polished. It tells stories with words, still andmoving imagery, and other rich content such as info-graphics, charts and illustrations. At UBT Digital we assist our clients to craft great content that’s optimised for SEO and builds trust, credibility and ultimately persuades and converts them by responding to calls-to-action.


RWD means a website will present itself on any device (laptop, tablet, phone) so it can be easily read and navigated with minimal resizing and scrolling, and with little or no compromising of the site’s core functionality. At UBT Digital, RWD is mandatory for any new site developments. Because if it’s not, Google will punish it in search engine results.



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